One of the most universal
training tools
on the market.
Meet T-Sting®Bar.

Using T-Sting®Bar in bodyweight training, you can do a complex workout consisting of warmup and functional or isolated movements, both individually and in groups.

T-Sting®Bar durable construcion makes it perfect for the majority of sport disciplines. Amateurs of calisthenics, pole dance or crossfit will surely find it as a perfect supplement for their workout sessions. It will also be great tool to use during mobility or stretching.

T-Sting®Bar is a perfect, more universal replacement for PVC pipes used in boxes.

Specially designed, ergonomic and comfortable rubber end of T-Sting®Bar ensures a strong grip and makes it possible to use it as an safe, non-slippery support on the majority of surfaces.

Sample excercises


Weight: 1800g (3.96 lb)
Length: 190cm (74.8 inches)

This product is in 100% made in Poland.