One tool.
Two convertible lacrosse balls.
Inifinite possibilities.

Athletes’ bodies are just like machines – they’re trained to the point when even professional, strong masseurs aren’t often able to reach the painful, flexed points. Foam rollers are appropriate when for sport beginners, but regularly training athletes need more effective, hard and painful tools for self-massage. Lacrosse balls and mobility sticks available on the market fulfill their roles, but they have their limitations. Knowing them, we’ve designed an unique tool for you, which exceeds any other solutions in its ergonomy and innovative simplicity.

First mobility device that combines the advantages of:

– Lacrosse ball
– mobility stick
– double Lacrosse ball (peanut ball)

How can I use T-sting®?

Through combining the advantages of a classic roller and Lacrosse balls (single and double ones), we’ve created a tool designed for myofascial massage and for tigger point therapy.
T-sting®‚s construction allows precise self-massage of every trigger point in the body, generating bigger pressure on the tissue than a classic ball. It therefore improves the movement range, which is as crucial in every sport discipline, as in everyday life. It is possible to quickly twist off the balls at the ends and join them to create a peanut ball.

Who can use T-sting®?

Every active person, who practices any kind of sport where the exposure of myofascial system provokes the need of loosening it. It will be also perfect for people, who are aware of the role of mobility in sport performance, sport injuries prevention and everyday life comfort.

Sample excercises


Weight: 800g (1.76lb)
Total length: 41cm (1’4″)

100% made in Poland.
This unique design is patented.

This product is not meant to cure any illnesses or diseases. Please, consult your health care proffessional before using it.
T-Sting is not a toy and should not be used by children.